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Welcome to the Merry Acre!

It’s the first event of our summer season; in an all new format. Your Saturday nights are going to be filled with fun!

Come and enjoy live music and a fine picnic dinner, and wave at your friends and neighbors from the security of your selected safety circle! Read on to learn about the event and how we’ll be keeping you and us safe during this time.

Our first evening of the summer will feature music by some of the excellent Robinhood Players – Kat Logan and DelRain (Mark & Michelle Sillaman).

The picnic dinner is your choice of a doublestack burger (Pineland Farms) or an Impossible Burgers(TM) for you veggies, topped with North Country thick-cut bacon (for carnivores), cheddar cheese and our sauce, served with a fine mac & cheese topped with Ritz cracker crumbs, and a little dessert. Wine, beer, and sodas will be available.

Show tickets: $10

Dinner & show: $35 includes tax & gratuity

Drink tickets are available for pre-purchase to make it easy to stay contactless – no money to handle. You can save your unused tickets for use at future shows. We’ll also take credit card and cash (no change made) onsite if you aren’t sure. Tickets are sold in are sold in $5 & $2.50 increments. Price points for your reference: Beer (eg Baxter Stowaways) $5, premium tallboys (eg Thirsty Botanist) $7.50, wines $10.

And hey, no outside food or drinks, except water please.

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What to expect

  1. Attendance at the event is limited to 40 attendees max.
  2. Check in with us let us know you’ve arrived and, if purchased pick up your drink tickets.
  3. Select your safety circle and settle in. We’ve painted circles across the yard to make it easy for you to keep your distance. We have a few tables but recommend you bring your festival lawn chairs and tables – have fun with it!
  4. To get your drinks, approach the drinks table 1 at a time and keep your social distancing. Bring your own water. Potable water will not be available.
  5. When your dinner is ready, we’ll give you a shout and you’ll pick up your meal at the service table. We are going 100% disposable (compostable as much as possible). We encourage you to bring your own silverware and glasses (we are hoping to have some fun ones to buy this summer) to keep the landfill waste down. We will disinfect the serving table after each pick up.
  6. A lovely porta-potty with a handwash station, and hand sanitizer is available you have need.
  7. We will be wearing masks while working and conforming to the state’s recommendations for restaurants. Read the Promise.

Our commitment to you & yours to us

We want to assure you, that nothing is more important than the your safety and we will continue to uphold the highest standards for our cleaning and sanitation protocols to achieve this goal – we don’t want the COVID cooties either! We will be following the state’s recommended procedures and continue to monitor the situation and will modify our approach as needed.

We ask that you abide by your responsibilities as guests: wear a mask when not in your circle, practice distancing (2 fathoms please!), and have patience. We are running a very small staff.

Read the Maine Restaurant Promise for more information.